One to One Sessions

with Christine Lamb

Is the perfect way to address your issue(s) be it chronic pain, postural issues or that niggling pain that you’ve been meaning to deal with or a complete review of your current fitness level and wellbeing. A one to one is the answer because the entire time is dedicated to YOU and your concerns. Each and everyone of us is a unique being therefore every one to one session is specific to that individual’s needs. Which is why we’ll decide together how best to address your particular needs and for YOU to decide if you’d like to work with me to Improve how you Move.

Please contact me here if you’d like to set up a no cost consultation or call me on 07786980068.


Session Pricing

One hour session £65

5 one hour sessions with Christine £325

Buy Blocks & Save

Block of 10 one hour sessions with Christine & save £100

First Session

  • Every first session begins with a Personal Consultation.

  • All sessions are prepaid.

Please see our cancellation policy in our Terms & Conditions.