Why do Pilates?

There’s no secret surrounding Pilates - basically it WORKS

After much research I chose to train with Stott Pilates. Their training is rigorous and extensive and encompasses biomechanics, rehabilitation and enhancing athletic performance. Over the years I’ve attended courses with other Pilates schools throughout the world which has added to my knowledge. Thereby providing an enriched experience for the individual. Although Pilates attracts more women than men it is suitable for both sexes and all ages. And I’m pleased to say that since I started teaching almost 20 years ago that I’m seeing a lot more male clients now than I did then. You maybe surprised to learn that Pilates was started by a man: Joseph Pilates and has and is being used by elite athletes both male and female as part of their pre and post training regime. Teaching an individual or a small group of the same sex does allow me to focus on the issues that affect the different sexes and how these issues impact on life. And more importantly what we need to do to address the issue(s) to regain and maintain our body for living a full enriched life regardless of age.

Poor posture / biomechanics of the body is endemic in both sexes and can result in back pain, neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. Pilates movement therapy can alleviate pain and discomfort allowing movement to occur with grace and ease.

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