I have suffered from lower back pain for 12 years, varying from mild to severe, which resulted in surgery a year ago. My physiotherapist advised me to take up Pilates. I found Christine and checked her credentials with my physio who was delighted that she was Stott trained ( I thought all Pilates was the same ) I now know why he was so pleased. Christine liaised with my physio  to get the clinical details and then devised a specfic programme for me to do at home and I also attended the Studio on a one to one basis. I am now fit enough to attend weekly Studio group sessions where I have my own individual programme devised by Christine.

Evelyn Archibald

While off work with seized lower back muscles Pilates was recommended to me by an osteopath, and I was fortunate enough to find Christine in my local area. I was aware of Pilates, but I was sceptical of its claims. I'm converted. I hate going to the gym, but Stott Pilates is as far from gym work as one can imagine. No endless, boring, painful 'iron-pumping' here. Instead there are gentle (but deceptively powerful) exercises that simply make you want to do more. Stott Pilates also highlights the connection between body movements and the mental control that makes those movements efficient. The moments during exercises - especially the balance exercises - when one senses that connection are remarkable, fun and addictive.

Christine is pleasant, friendly and patient. More importantly, she is knowledgeable, skilful and flexible in tailoring our sessions to my needs. She has a wide range of equipment which she uses to maximise my progress. I arrive at Christine's Studio looking forward to the session, and I go away wanting to come back for more. My personal results are plain to see. At 55 years old I am literally in better shape than ever I was in my youth.

Frank Edwards

We are so lucky to have such a skilled and knowledgeable Pilates teacher as Christine Lamb in Crieff. Her professional Studio, which is fully equipped, is perfect for one to one tuition. We are more than happy to refer any patients to Christine if we feel they would benefit from Pilates system as an exercise for them.

I want to thank you for everything you have done for me over the last 3 years. I feel entirely different now compared to when I first came to you. I have so much more freedom of movement and confidence in my physical wellbeing and that is all down to you and your wide ranging skills.


"I’ve achieved so much more than I set out to do – rather than just getting back in shape, I’ve got a new shape!"

"I am more energetic and supple, more focussed and relaxed and can hardly believe that at the age of 62 years my athletic performance has improved."

My physiotherapist said he thought Pilates would greatly help with my back problems, which started 18 years ago. My first thought was “What’s Pilates?”. I imagined a class full of fit people doing things on mats and wondered how on earth I would even get down onto the floor. Worse still, how would I get back up? He saw the panic on my face and said he’d heard Christine was very good and did one-to-one sessions which sounded just the thing for me. I was desperate for any help I could get. I got in touch and I’m delighted to say I’ve never looked back.

JG, Perthshire

"I have had longterm chronic conditions including asthma and rheumatoid arthritis causing me to lose weight and muscle. This has made it difficult to build up strength and fitness for my hobbies which includes gardening and walking.

My respiratory consultant was convinced that a significant factor in my poor respiration was a loss of core strength. He advised me to start pilates. I was delighted to find Christine, only 20 minutes away, offering one to one sessions. What a difference she has made to me. She tailors the exercises specifically to what my body requires and how much exercise I can manage based on my energy levels each session. The bespoke one to one sessions suit me very well as I feel a pilates class would not have addressed my specific issues.

I now feel much stronger, more flexible and have gained a new friend."

CA, Perthshire

"Christine gave me the tools to manage my own strength and flexibility which has helped dramatically with sciatic pain."


Christine Lamb is a dedicated Pilates teacher with whom I have had the pleasure to teach on several occasions.
She is committed to and passionate about the work and her clients. Her enthusiasm and professionalism leads her to be always searching to deepen her knowledge and understanding in order to serve her clients better. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to Christine, as not only will they be in safe hands but with a lovely lady who has true care and concern for her clients and instructing.

I would never describe myself as ever being particularly fit at anytime in my life. During my thirties I had 4 caesarean births which left me completely depleted of energy and any fitness I had before having children quickly diminished. During this time I’d been nursing a bad rotator cuff injury which was painful and limited my ability to do household chores let alone any form of exercise. I knew I had to start exercising and joined the local gym but even the most basic of exercises was too much for me. I even tried a local generic Pilates class but it became very clear to me that I needed specifically tailored exercise to meet my needs.

A friend recommended Christine who specialises in rehabilitation Pilates and is a restorative movement teacher. I had a telephone conversation with her and felt very reassured that she could help me. It’s been over a year since I started with Christine and I find myself in a much better place. I can move better, tackle household chores with ease. I have also gained strength and to my relief my rotator cuff injury is better and I’m free of pain.

Christine is simply wonderful on many levels. She knows exactly what movements your body needs and more importantly the appropriate level of movement that your body can cope with.

I always leave my sessions with Christine not only feeling physically better but mentally ready to tackle life head on. I feel fitter now than I’ve ever felt.

EB, Perthshire

"What a joy it is not to be in constant agony and to be able to pick up my cat from the floor, pet my dog and cut my own toenails!"

"Christine has an incredible depth of knowledge coupled with a very client focused approach. No one size fits all here! She has helped me become pain free from sacroiliac issues and given me a greater awareness of posture, breathing and flexibility in every aspect of my life. Thank you!"

What I didn’t realise was that I was getting a real personal trainer with a wonderfully equipped studio! Christine took a holistic approach to my training and gave great advice on diet as well as devising an exercise programme that was perfect for me. As a result I’ve achieved so much more than I set out to do – rather than just “getting back in shape” I’ve got a new shape!

Fiona Cannon

"At 55 years of age I am literally in better shape than ever I was in my youth."

In April this year (2014) I was throughly fed up with myself. I was 77, very overweight and struggling with my mobility because of lower back and leg pain. I needed to change but could not do it without help. Trawling the Internet for options I found Christine's website and liked the look of it.

Soon after I turned up at her studio full of trepidation but determined to give it a go. It was the best decision I have ever made. Christine was hugely supportive and encouraging. She devised a healthy eating and exercise programme specifically tailored to my needs. I am really enjoying my sessions with her and we are getting results.

I am now, in mid November, 54lbs lighter, much more mobile, and the lower back and leg pains are no longer much of a problem. I am looking forward to a more healthy and active future. Thank you Christine"

Anne Hendry

"Since the age of 13, I have suffered from muscular spasms in my back. Over the years this problem has become exasperated due to the usual stresses and strains of everyday life. I spent two complete winters confined to bed unable to get mobile. I have tried everything – acupuncture, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and plentiful supplies of medication. All have helped to some extent.

It is, however, Christine, with her Pilates, that has made the most significant difference to my wellbeing. I have attended Christine’s classes for over 15 years. In the early days, Christine had classes of as many as 12 people in various locations in Crieff and Perth. Now she has a fully equipped Stott Pilates studio, where she has classes of 3 clients as well as holding one to one sessions. Her wealth of knowledge comes from extensive reading and attending courses both within the UK and abroad. She takes time to make sure that she meets the requirements of every individual; every session is specifically designed for the client and their needs on that particular day. I think she knows me better than I know myself!!!

Now at 71 years of age, I rely on her completely to keep me on track both mentally and physically. At a similar age, my father in law was able to scale mountains with the greatest of ease. Enforced lack of activity over the last 20 years, has resulted in him now relying on a Stand Aid to get him upright. His lack of mobility makes me realise that Christine’s classes, one to one sessions and her advice are of paramount importance to me being able to move with ease in future years."

Maureen Pennie

Like many people, my lifestyle entails too much stress and time spent sitting driving, and at my desk, hunched over my computer. My body is responding to this repetition by adopting compensatory postures and muscle patterns. Increasingly, I’m finding that the physical impact of this is worsened by my gradual aging process. As the years roll by, I appreciate more and more the value of keeping my joints and muscles as flexible as possible. Movements that once came easily are now a distant happy memory ! I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Christine for a while now though, as we battle these tendencies. I combine mat classes with one-to-one studio sessions and find that they give relaxation ‘me’ time, as well as a targeted personal programme that aims to counteract my established patterns and reduce lifestyle harm. I have no doubt that I am benefiting from the considerable effort and enthusiasm that Christine gives to her work. She prepares meticulously for all kinds of lessons and she is careful to encourage, push and stretch my capabilities, while at the same time always listening and taking care of my health and varying needs.

Jill Moody