Autumn News & New Workshops

It seems a long time since I sent out a newsletter with the news that we were moving house to be closer to our daughter. We sold our house very quickly but failed to find a suitable property in that area and as a result we are still here. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster emotionally as we are happy here and I love my work and enjoy seeing and working with my loyal regular clients and seeing the benefits in their bodies. I hadn’t realised just how much my work meant to me until faced with the prospect of giving it up and saying farewell to clients who have become part of my life. It’s an usual relationship the client teacher one. I see most clients an hour or two each week (more than I see my family!) and I get to know about your families, know their names, but not them personally, know your address, but not your home, know of the person(s) or event which is impacting on your lives at anyone time. I’m privileged that you share that part of your life with me. So it’s not surprising that I feel a connection with each and everyone of you. But I was really surprised by my reaction at the prospect of leaving as I thought I’d thought it all through. But clearly I hadn’t factored in that element. However I was humbled by the clients who said they would continue with me and travel to Glasgow for their lessons. At this moment in time our plans are to stay here unless something unforeseen happens.

I recently attended a training weekend with Katy Bowman of Nutritious Movement In Helensburgh. About 34 teachers had flown in from all over the world to attend and I was pleased that the weather was totally not’ Scottish’ but more like the south of France. I’m sure many will return next year expecting similar weather and be very disappointed with our usual summer weather.

The focus of the training course was Hyperkyphosis (an excessive outward curve of the thoracic spine) which is coupled with the Forward Head posture and the impact on the body overtime. Research released in 2014 by Dr Kenneth Hansraj of Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine In New York highlights the detrimental effects of this epidemic.

The weekend focussed on understanding the difference between structural and postural kyphosis and how to improve both. The upshot being that it’s always easier to improve a small degree of hyperkyphosis than a larger degree. Decreasing Hyperkyphosis will improve breathing, reduce risk factors for osteoporosis and reduce back pain to name just a few benefits.

We worked a lot on our upper body, shoulders and spine but interspersed the upper body movement with lower body moves. I think one of the biggest challenges in getting older is maintaining a strong stable back and strong legs. Legs strong enough to get yourself up from the floor unaided and back muscles which allow you to enjoy a full life without debilitating back pain. Becoming more stooped and rounded coupled with declining leg strength reduces your independence immediately and the sad thing is it happens so slowly we don’t realise it’s happening but it’s impact on one’s life is dramatic. However help is at hand and the following workshops addresses these issues.

Workshops 2019

November 16th
Relax your neck and free the shoulders and quieten the mind
10am till 12noon £40.00
In this workshop you will learn how to release tight neck and shoulder muscles and to lengthen and balance the neck and shoulder musculature. All the workshops can be linked together to provide a whole body programme.

November 23rd
Decreasing Hyperkyphosis 
10am till 12noon £40.00
In this workshop you will learn techniques and movement to improve breathing mobilise the upper back and spine

November 30th
Low back pain 
10am to 12.00noon £40.00
In this workshop you will learn movements to free tight back muscles

December 6th
Fit to Fitter 
10am till 12noon £40.00
In this workshop you will learn a series of exercises and movements which can be accomplished in 5 minutes working specific body parts. The series will consist of some aerobic work and floor work and you will have a collection of exercises which you can mix and match depending on what body part(s) you want to focus on.

A good idea would be to combine the workshops on the 16th and 23rd as they link together really well. All the workshops ( except December 6th ) will include a 10 minute daily programme covering the essentials. Places are limited to a maximum of 10 people.

New participants will need a telephone consultation with myself before attending.