Pilates for Women

Helping you to move with ease and confidence

Pilates can see you through all phases of your life. Women’s bodies are naturally more flexible, but can lack strength, and hormonal changes throughout life can have a big impact on your body’s natural balance. Pilates can help build strength, enhance natural flexibility, and support your body through pregnancy. A specially designed programme can help combat some of the physical effects of the menopause to support a full and active life. It’s also great for weight loss and toning. The menopause can be a rather wonderful new beginning to a good health programme. I have personally found Pilates to be the main factor for maintaining my body shape in recent years. Not only has it stopped the mid section weight gain (the Menopot), it has helped me to understand my own body. Life begins at 50!

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How Pilates can benefit women

  • Quick results : You will notice a difference soon after you start your lessons, developing better posture, flexible joints and the enviable flatter stomach.
  • Integrated approach : The great advantage of a Pilates regime is that you can practice some of the exercises anytime/anywhere, integrating Pilates into your daily routine.
  • Tailored programme : Working with an experienced Pilates practitioner is critical. They will assess your needs and then design a specific programme for you.