Winter 2019

November 16th
Relax your neck and free the shoulders and quieten the mind
10am till 12noon £40.00
In this workshop you will learn how to release tight neck and shoulder muscles and to lengthen and balance the neck and shoulder musculature. All the workshops can be linked together to provide a whole body programme.

November 23rd
Decreasing Hyperkyphosis 
10am till 12noon £40.00
In this workshop you will learn techniques and movement to improve breathing mobilise the upper back and spine.

November 30th
Low back pain 
10am to 12.00noon £40.00
In this workshop you will learn movements to free tight back muscles.

December 7th
Fit to Fitter 
10am till 12noon £40.00
In this workshop you will learn a series of exercises and movements which can be accomplished in 5 minutes working specific body parts. The series will consist of some aerobic work and floor work and you will have a collection of exercises which you can mix and match depending on what body part(s) you want to focus on.

A good idea would be to combine the workshops on the 16th and 23rd as they link together really well. All the workshops ( except December 6th ) will include a 10 minute daily programme covering the essentials. Places are limited to a maximum of 10 people. New participants will need a telephone consultation with myself before attending.  The workshops will take place in Fowlis Wester. Contact me to book here or call/text me on 07786 980068 to register your interest.