Pilates for Weight Loss

Better Movement for EVERY BODY

Pilates is fantastic support for weight loss. Not only does increasing muscle tone helps to burn more calories, Pilates also helps strengthen and tone your body, supporting more dynamic cardiovascular workouts and helping to prevent injury. You can use Pilates to target problem areas and sculpt your muscles to suit your lifestyle.

My programme trains clients to become more focussed on their movements, and teaches proper breathing techniques, which help to reduce stress levels and carryover to your everyday life, resulting in a more mindful approach to food choices and exercise. I’ll work with you to create an holistic weight loss programme, incorporating exercise, nutritional plans, and lifestyle changes.


How Pilates can help

  • Better muscle tone – the more muscle tone you have the more calories you burn.
  • Increased strength and freedom of movement – as your strength and flexibility improves, cardiovascular exercise becomes easier and easier.
  • Reduced stress and increased self-esteem – both a significant determining factor in successful weight loss.
  • Flat stomach – the envy of many a dieter!

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