Back Pain Workshop in April

In 2017, Workshopsby Christine Lamb

Living with chronic back pain is no joke. Invisible pain, and in particular back pain, is a growing issue for our increasingly sedentary society, with one in ten of us suffering daily. Spending long periods sitting, or hunched over devices, only compounds the problem, whilst for many sufferers movement and exercise seem out of the question, sending you spinning down another spiral of pain and fitful resting. Chronic back pain takes its toll on your mental health, too: it’s worryingly common for sufferers to feel fear, frustration, and anger, or have depression and anxiety because of ongoing pain. (If you’re struggling with any of these symptoms, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Speak to your doctor, or seek support from family and friends.)

You might feel powerless to do anything about your pain, having exhausted medical diagnostics or resorted to heavy-duty pain management, but myriad studies agree that keeping active can make the world of difference. Daily activity and specific physical exercises can help relieve pain and stretch off overwound back, hip, and leg muscles, leading to dramatic, long-term improvement. Having back pain can make even the most basic movement difficult, and often exercising – even walking – is the last thing you want to think about. Mindful movements and Pilates are a wonderful, low-impact solution for back pain sufferers. Indeed, a recent NICE review published in The Times concluded that low-impact exercise and psychological therapy were the only effective treatments for back pain, with anti-inflammatories and acupuncture providing little more relief than a placebo. Moving more, and moving mindfully, might just hold the key to a life without pain.

My newest half-day workshop focuses entirely on back pain, working through floor-based movements that have been shown to consistently provide relief for sufferers.

Who is this workshop for?
For anyone expressing chronic muscle tension, stiffness and pain in the back or would like to prevent it occurring.
If you love the idea of learning how to release your own back stiffness and restore suppleness and freedom of movement through gentle, mindful, floor-based movements.

What do I need to bring?
Exercise mat, pillow and comfortable clothing.

When and Where?
Sunday 30th of April – 2.00pm to 4.30pm
Fowlis Wester Hall, Crieff, Scotland

Please note: this workshop is limited to 10 participants. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Cost £40.00

Early Bird Offer

Book before April 15th & buy a ticket for £35.00

Book a place today

Book a place on these upcoming workshops using Paypal or a credit/debit card. If you would prefer to book by telephone call Christine 07786 980068


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