Autumn Workshops

In 2017, Workshopsby Christine Lamb

I love autumn, mostly because of the colours: the oranges, yellows and browns. The food colours are wonderful too, with the squashes and beetroot at their best. Returning home to a warm house and comforting meal and lying around in cosy clothes after a day out is heaven itself.

Walking is wonderful at this time of year, whether it be a walk in the woods or into town, hearing the crunch of the leaves underfoot is a sensory experience. Walking for pleasure as well as fitness, and taking time to notice the surrounding noises and scenery enhances the experience. So many people walk with their heads down; they miss the beauty. A client I teach used to walk like this until I suggested he lift his head and chest and walk from his breast bone. He returned a few weeks later to say that for the first time he noticed the chimneys on the buildings.

It’s hardly surprising he used to walk like this as he spent eight hours a day, five days a week hunched over his computer. Being sedentary can also exacerbate low back issues such as disc problems. We spend years of our life like this, so it’s no shock we get these issues caused by postural imbalances. In my practice, I’m seeing lots of these problems as hand held devices are being used at a much younger age group and more and more people have desk-bound jobs. I think I was in my forties when I got my first mobile phone, which I hardly ever used and for days on end! It would lie around in my bag without me ever thinking of checking it. Changed days for all of us.

New Workshops

To this end I’m running the following workshops throughout November and December 2017:

Pilates at the Office (for the desk bound) – 04/11 & 03/12
Pilates for Back Pain – 18/11 & 09/12
Pilates for the Ageless Body – 25/11

Each workshop will run from 10am till 12 noon and cost £30.00. The workshops take place on Saturday mornings in Fowlis Wester, so if you are interested, please contact me or visit the shop to buy a workshop voucher.